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Classic 6 pcs set, Forest Deer Blue

The perfect pack for the soon to be first grader!


  • School backpack Classic 22 litre
  • Hiking backpack that easily can be attached to the school backpack or used seperately
  • One-layer pencil case with content from quality supplier Lyra
  • Oval pencil case with room for everything you need for your school work
  • Rain cover in top lid
  • Mini backpack with attachable buttons

Our aim is that children shall get a special, magical feeling when they purchase their first school backpack. In addition to figures, patterns and colours, the backpacks have first class carrying comfort with padding, straps and weight distribution. The backpack has an integrated rain cover in the top and practical waterproof lunch box pocket inside the backpack. It also has a number of buttons that can be attached around the backpack. Classic 22 has room for everything you need for a regular day at school and is designed to keep the weight close to the back.

«This school backpack stands out. It literally has everything you need.» Best in test, Dagbladet 06.08.2019

Classic 22 was awarded the Innovation award for Ergonomics in 2019 by the German Institute for Health and Ergonomics (IGR – Institut für Gesundheit und Ergonomie)

  • Top tightening straps for shoulder straps
  • Solid padding against the back and on shoulder straps
  • Chest strap and hip belt
  • The load-bearing system transfers the weight to the hips
  • Anatomically-shaped back support
  • Flashing light with several modes
  • Reflective details on all sides, 15 in total
  • Rain cover in the top lid included in the backpack
  • Waterproof lunch box pocket inside the backpack
  • Good air flow around the back
  • Separate pocket for tablet inside backpack
  • Keyring holder in front pocket
  • Reversible front pocket (except for: Camo Rex) which means that the backpack can change appearance in seconds!
  • Buttons
  • Water repellent material
  • Article number: 104107a
  • EAN: 7049981041070
  • Measurements: 37×24×25 cm
  • Weight: 940 gram for the complete set
  • Volume: 22 liter
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Exterior fabric 100% polyester. Interior fabric 100% polyester
  • Year: 2022
  • Battery: 1xCR1220
Recommended height: 116-140 cm Dimensions: 37×24×25 cm Weight: 940 g Volume: 22 l
4-year warranty 75 years of experience Scandinavian market leader

Classic 6 pcs set contains

Our goal is to give children a magical feeling when they get their first school backpack. In addition to illustrations, patterns and colors, the backpacks also have first-class carrying comfort with padding, adjustable straps and optimized weight distribution. Classic was awarded the Innovation Award for Ergonomics in 2019 by the German Institute for Health and Ergonomics (IGR – Institut für Gesundheit und Ergonomie).

We do not want the customer to forget to buy it, lose it or forget to take it to school and be surprised by a rain shower. Therefore, your Classic school backpack comes with an integrated rain cover.

The hiking backpack can be used separately, or simply and ergonomically be attached to the school backpack. This means that the hands are kept free and it avoids uneven weight distribution. The backpack has reflective patches on all sides, drinking bottle holder, hip belt and chest strap which makes it ideal for day trips and shorter hikes. Can be attached to Classic, Classic Maxi and Active Air FLX.

Buttons with exciting motifs that can be changed on the backpack. These come in a separate mini backpack that can also be used for a teddy, action figure or doll.

The pencil case is full of surprises, and of course contains everything you need for school and homework. Pencils and coloured pencils made from FSC certified wood.

2x jumbo pencils
7x jumbo coloured pencils
7x coloured pencils, regular sized
1x eraser
1x ruler
1x pencil sharpener (for jumbo and regular size)
1x wallet
1x timetable

*Reservation for minor changes to content

The oval pencil case is spacious and has a separate section for the most frequently used pencils and an internal zipped pocket. The outside is decorated with design that matches the backpack, and has a replaceable button.


1. Exchangeable buttons

2. Reversible front pocket – makes the backpack more neutral if desired

3. Waterrepellent and recycled material

4. Mini backpack to store extra buttons

5. Rain cover in lid compartment

6. Compartment for a drinking bottle on both left and right side

7. Practical detachable key ring in the front pocket

8. Reflective patches on all sides, 15 in total

9. Possibility to attach the gym/hiking backpack directly and ergonomically onto the school backpack

10. Separate inner compartment for tablet or laptop

11. Waterproof inner compartment for lunch box and drinking bottle

12. Top tightening straps for shoulder straps

13. Comfortable padding on the back and on shoulder straps

14. Good air flow on the back

15. Anatomically shaped back support

16. Height adjustable chest strap

17. The padded hip belt and the load-bearing system transfer the weight to the pelvic crest

One backpack - two looks!

All our primary school backpacks have a reversible front pocket (exception: Classic, Camo Rex), which allows the backpack to change its look in just a few seconds! Children have different desires, and these change over the course of the first years of school. We want to do justice to these wishes. The backpack can thus be made more neutral in 3 simple steps:

1. Open the side Velcro fasteners, open the zipper completely and put your hand behind the motif.

2. Pick up the fabric and turn the pocket inside out.

3. Zip it up, close the Velcro and you’re done! 🙂

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