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  • Adjust your backpack

    Beckmann's backpacks are designed so that heavy loads feel light to carry. To achieve this, it is essential that the backpack fits the child's size and is adjusted and carried correctly. The carrying system provides good weight distribution, and in the video below, we show you how to fasten the backpack correctly. Place the heaviest [...] More  →
  • Time to get creative

    We make drawings of 1st-grade backpacks from scratch to create a magical story for children. When drawing backpacks, one of the most important things we can do is to observe the children's faces as shapes and colours emerge. When children dream away, we have accomplished our goal: to create a magical feeling. Having fun is [...] More  →
  • Choose the right backpack for kindergarten

    Preschool Start - a Milestone for the Little Ones. There is a lot of excitement and anticipation when a child is about to start preschool. The list of supplies for preschool can be long, and a backpack is one of the things you need. Especially for new parents, it's not always clear which backpack is [...] More  →
  • Ergonomics award winner 2022

    We can proudly announce that we have once again won the IGR Innovation Award for Ergonomics! IGR is a network of doctors, physiotherapists, and researchers working on health issues and ergonomics. The institute is located in Germany and grants the Innovation Award for Ergonomics every year. “Through various tests, we checked the ease of use [...] More  →
  • How to wash your backpack

    We recommend washing the backpack by hand with liquid detergent. If you choose to wash it in the washing machine, we recommend putting it in a pillowcase so that the straps do not get stuck during washing, and use a gentle program. Any damage caused during washing in the machine is not covered by the [...] More  →
  • Check this before buying your 1st grade backpack

    Going from kindergarten to school is a big transition in a child’s life, also when it comes to what backpack to wear. Of course, the backpack has to be bigger, but it will also be used a lot more. Therefore, the backpack needs to offer great carrying comfort, be durable and user-friendly so that the [...] More  →
  • Dry and visible in the fall and winter darkness

    On dark rainy and snowy days, it is especially important to keep an eye on the school road so that the children are visible in traffic, and so that both the school backpack and the children stay dry on the school road. BE SEEN Our school backpacks for children  are equipped with numerous reflectors on [...] More  →
  • Laboratory tests

    To be innovative, you must dare to try new things! We know we make great school backpacks, but can it be done even better? This winter we, together with NORCE Research (norceresearch.no) and funded by the Norwegian Research Institute, testet school backpacks using pressure mapping and robots. The process Step 1 3D-scan of child Step [...] More  →
  • Teach children to pack their backpacks properly

    Classic The best way to carry your backpack is by placing the heaviest items towards the back. For example, books, laptops or tablets.  Put the lunch box in the waterproof pocket inside the backpack. The drinking bottle should be placed in the outside side pocket. To make the backpack lighter, it is advisable to fill the drinking [...] More  →
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