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Single section pencil case, Ninja Master

The pencil case is full of surprises, and of course contains everything you need for school and homework. Contents supplied by Lyra. Pencils and coloured pencils made from PEFC/FSC certified wood.


  • 2x jumbo pencils
  • 7x jumbo coloured pencils
  • 7x coloured pencils, regular sized
  • 1x eraser
  • 1x ruler
  • 1x pencil sharpener (for jumbo and regular size)
  • Wallet
  • Article number: 112104a
  • EAN: 7049981121048
  • Measurements: 19.5×13.3×3.8
  • Weight: 280 gram
  • Color: Green
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Year: 2021
Dimensions: 19.5×13.3×3.8 cm Weight: 280 g
4-year warranty 75 years of experience Scandinavian market leader
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