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Active Air FLX

Active Air FLX is a completely new and innovative backpack that offers the very best in functionality and ultimate carrying comfort. The back system is based on a combination of air and padding. This means that the air is distributed, providing a larger contact area between the backpack and the back, which in turn provides better support and stability. Also, our new FLX system makes it possible to simply increase the volume in the backpack when required.

20-25 litre | Weight: 1000 gram | Dimensions: H39xW25xD22 | Suiteable for height: 116-137cm

100% of the fabric is made from recycled bottles

Innovative functions



The FLX system means that you can expand the volume of the backpack by 5 litres when needed. The volume of the backpack is expanded simply with a zip, from 20 to 25 litres.


The self-inflating air cushion makes it simple to fill and adjust the desired amount of air in the back by using a valve. The air cushion is well protected and can withstand rough handling.

Functions list

Reversible pocket

All designs come with reversible front pockets which means that the appearance of the backpack can be changed and made more neutral if desired, in just a few seconds. Children have different preferences and these can of course change during the first school years.

Vendbar lomme
  1. Buttons
  2. Keyring holder
  3. Reversible front pocket
  4. Rain cover
  5. Reflective details on all sides

6. Top tightening straps on shoulder straps

7. Solid padding in back and on shoulder straps

8. Self-inflating air cushion

9. Good ventilation in the back

10. Chest strap and hip belt

11. Load bearing system transfers weight to hips

12. Good ventilation in the back

13. Oblique opening for a good overview

14. Water repellent and recycled material

15. External pocket for drinking bottle

16. 5 ltr expansion

17. Fastening possibility for gym backpack

18. Feet/studs, 4 in normal appearance, 6 when expanded. Backpack can stand upright on its own.

19. Pocket for schedule

20. Separate waterproof compartment for lunch box and drinking bottle

21. Separate compartment inside backpack for tablet

22. Separate space for pencil case in the lid

Tested and recommended

Active Air FLX is tested and recommended

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