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School starter, 1-2nd grade

We want school starters to get a special, magical feeling when they get their first school backpack. In addition to magical figures, patterns and colours, Beckmann backpacks come with first class carrying comfort with padding, straps and weight distribution.

Backpacks for 1-2th grade

primary school 2021 model, classic 22 litre


22 Litre

12 color variants

Best seller! Classic 22 is packed with function and comes in a wide range of designs. Test- and ergonomic award winner.

primary school 2021 model, classic Maxim 28 litre

Classic Maxi

28 Litre

4 color variants

Classic Maxi is suitable for children that has grown quickly and requires a backpack adapted to a larger body and longer back.

Active Air FLX

20-25 Litre

4 color variants

New and innovative! Active Air FLX offers the very best in functionality and ultimate carrying comfort. The back system is based on a combination of air and padding.

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Accessories for 1-2th grade

School starters take their accessories seriously – just as we do! It is fun to have a drinking bottle, a lunch box and pencil case that matches the backpack; however, primarily it is important to have products that are solid, user-friendly and simple to keep clean.

Lunch box and drinking bottle

Our drinking bottles and lunch boxes has attractive designs that matches the Classic 22, Classic Maxi and Active Air FLX. They are both dishwasher safe up to 70°C and seals fully. 100% BPA free.

Gym/hiking backpack

The hiking backpack can be used separately, or attached to the school backpack. This means that the hands are kept free and it avoids uneven weight distribution. The backpack has reflective patches on all sides, drinking bottle holder, hip belt and chest strap which makes it ideal for day trips and shorter hikes. Can be attached to Classic, Classic Maxi and Active Air FLX.

Pencil cases for primary school, 1-2nd grade

Matching pencil cases for our primary school backpacks. Single and three section pencil cases contains everything needed for school and homework. Contents supplied by Lyra. Pencils and coloured pencils made from PEFC/FSC certified wood.


Practical wallet with drawstring, key ring and pockets for card/money. Design matches backpacks.

Tablet covers

Lined tablet cover 12,9″ with design that matches the backpacks.

Thermo bottle

Thermo bottles in 320ml and 400ml. Easy to take apart for cleaning. Dishwasher safe. 100% BPA free.

Children’s suitcase

Practical and solid children’s suitcase, with separate zipped pocket inside. Suitable as hand luggage at most airlines.

More accessories

In addition we offer buttons, furballs, book cover, A4 folder and umbrellas.

Selvstendighet - lære å knytte skoene

Ingen barn er like

Høytlesing er en hyggelig aktivitet som åpner for samtaler og diskusjoner. Barna kan relatere sine erfaringer med det som skjer i boken, som igjen kan føre til gode samtaler, og ikke minst bidrar det til at barna kan forstå andres situasjon og følelser, ved at de øver seg på leve seg inn i historien. Høytlesning stimulerer barnets fantasi, i tillegg til at det bidrar til større ordforråd. Barnet lærer seg å lytte og konsentrere seg om det som blir sagt.


B-SEEN & SAFE is our new visibility concept. This is comprised of various products to make you visible in traffic – whether it is light or dark outside.

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